Richmond Virginia medical waste disposal, Secure Waste provides cost-effective and affordable medical waste disposal services in Richmond, Virginia and surrounding areas in Virginia.   Our only goal is to ensure that you receive the reliable service and compliant disposal service you have come to expect from your Richmond medical waste hauler with the peace of mind that you are not paying more than your neighbor.

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Our Virginia disposal services for medical, sharps and bio-hazardous waste is a great solution for major hospitals, small providers, physician practices, dentists, long-term care facilities, veterinarians and an extensive array of healthcare providers that generate sharps or potentially infectious bio-hazardous material in Richmond, Virginia.  Possibly the best part about Secure Waste is our ability to scale up or down in addition to customize your plan according to your needs.  As your Virginia healthcare practice grows, we can grow with you and will work diligently to make sure all of your medical waste removal needs are met.  Even if you are downsizing, we will work with you to on a more affordable disposal plan. Our goal is make sure our VA clients are happy with our service and stay compliance at all times.

With a No-Contract Richmond medical waste disposal service, we establish solutions that disrupt industry prices and commitment structures.  With secure Waste there is no risk for you and everything to gain.  Secure Waste makes sustainability for your healthcare facility both possible and profitable.  Our industry experts in Richmond work with you to create safe, sharps disposal programs to collect and dispose of your medical waste.  We also work to keep your costs down at all times.

Whether you choose scheduled collection services or our PRN-Will Call Secure Waste makes Richmond medical waste disposal more convenient in Virginia.