Need to reduce biohazard waste?

Maybe you need to save money? Engage employees in better medical waste recognition, segregation and diversion.

Understanding, awareness and training is a primary element of a successful medical waste reduction strategy, and it depends on training employees to view your healthcare waste as not all being Biohazardous. Healthcare facilities can begin by creating a recycle-friendly environment for employees that promotes and rewards proper segregation. Start with easy-to-reach bins next to the medical waste box, that are color-coded by material that also use signage reminding everyone what goes where. Bins and signage will train and remind employees to divert waste that is not biohazardous and set for reuse or other less expensive disposal options.

In many healthcare settings up to 60 percent of waste generated is not biohazard by definition and could be segregated and handled differently. Segregation and recycling can be integrated into standard day to day operations in any office with little effort, contact Secure Waste for assistance with biohazard identification. Once you’ve racked up a few “big wins” don’t keep them to yourself — share them with other healthcare practices. A win at one site for medical waste reduction can motivate many other sites to replicate the best practice and try for their own victory. These actions keep employees personally invested and motivated for reducing your cost with biohazard disposal and is a win for the office and the environment.

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There will always be medical waste in healthcare, but a zero waste policy sets a very high bar to reach and is the only way for healthcare practitioners to gain sustainable value from medical waste reductions programs. It’s a long journey with many steps, but the destination is rewarding to your company, employees and the environment in addition can help save money and valuable natural resources.

After initial research and planning, the most important thing is to just get started. You may not have the perfect plan going in, but adjustments can be made at many points. Creating a bold vision and taking the first steps will go a long way in your success. Need help developing a plan contact Secure Waste, not just do we provide medical waste disposal services but consulting for waste reduction is important for us.