North Carolina needle disposal and sharps management. There are several safe disposal options for North Carolina Healthcare practices that require sharps, needle and other biohazard waste to be managed in North Carolina.

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Secure Waste needle disposal offers a safe, confidential and cost-effective medical waste disposal to several of the cities we serve in North Carolina. There are a variety of container sizes available for the healthcare user and one for other commercial customers. All are designed to meet all local, state and federal requirements. All provide a worry-free responsible and safe needle disposal system. Order the one that best fits your volume of use at your North Carolina facility.

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While we specialize in the removal, management, collection, transportation, treatment and disposal of all sharps waste in North Carolina. We also provide services that include but are not limited to the sales of sharps waste handling products, OSHA training and waste stream management/consulting services for a variety of customers using sharps containers in North Carolina. Collectively our experts work every day to provide our customers in North Carolina with an affordable solution for compliant Sharps disposal service, with no contract or hidden fees. Contact us today and we will direct you to one of our associates for service and pricing on your North Carolina Sharps Disposal