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A New Jersey company is looking to build a medical waste treatment and transfer facility in Bristol Township. At the November Bristol Township Planning Commission meeting, Med-Flex Inc. of Hainesport, New Jersey‘s plan to build the facility was approved and forwarded to Bristol Township Council for their review. The 38,000-square-foot facility would occupy the currently 3.1-acre wooded lot at the corner of Frost and Ford roads. The lot, which is zoned industrial, is the last of the undeveloped spaces in the industrial park on Frost Road. George Weishoff, the owner of Med-Flex, stated the facility will use steam and pressure to kill germs on the medical waste. The waste would then be shredded and compacted to be sent to a special landfill out of the area, The facility would also be used to store some medical waste for up to five days before it can be taken to a special incinerator in Baltimore for final disposal. MORE