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Sharps NeedleBiohazard Waste Rules & Regulations was developed to be your online resource for all issues related to and regarding biohazard, medical, clinical and sharps waste disposal. Our site provides environmental prevention & environmental compliance resource information for the health-care industry. We try to provide and be a comprehensive resource for our viewers, covering the many varieties of hospital and other health-care waste streams and the rules that apply to them. You can find both federal regulations and the specific rules that may apply in your state.

If you are a health-care provider such as a doctor, dentist maybe a funeral home or other type of provider, there are things you need to know about Medical waste. Maybe you are a new health-care provider or just want to review and update yourself on the rules and regulations to keep current. We want to help make your life easier, navigating and trying to understand government regulations around Biohazard waste management and disposal can be complex and very time consuming. So please enjoy our site and let us know of important updates we appreciate you stopping by.